Aris Allen Women's 1940s Black Nubuc RugCutter Wedge - CLEARANCE - *Limited Sizes*

$ 24.95 $ 79.95

  • Aris Allen RugCutter Women's Swing Dance Shoes are an exact copy of a to-die-for early Forties' wedge shoe!
  • The footbed is quite soft.
  • Women's Dance Shoes with vintage styling.
  • Cutwork on the front, strap on the back, laces in between AND a peep-toe - this is the cutest women's shoe we've ever seen.
  • These are designed for the intermediate / advanced swing dancer - but they're also great as a second pair for beginners... the "fastness" of the sole forces you to "find your center" immediately.
  • Please check the sizing recommendations before placing your order.
  • Item #: 158-BK


The footbed is cushioned, and the sole is the fabulous Aris Allen Raw Sole; awesome to dance on. Aris Allen's philosophy is that your dancing will look more authentic if you wear the same shoes the dance was invented in. The peep-toe is purposely kept 1940s small so you're still pretty protected if you get kicked in the toe.

A note about handmade Aris Allen Women's Rugcutters -
The shoe on your foot is the product of a craftsman who sees the shoe from start to finish. They are not stamped out. Expect tiny imperfections.


These have the Aris Allen Raw Sole - which is made from flexible hard leather that gets "faster" over time by repeatedly absorbing the natural humidity in the air (especially at a dance) and drying.


If you want to customize these, it's pretty easy to replace the shoelaces with colored ribbon (that may or may not wrap up your ankles).

Click here to see our guide to fitting a wedge.
We've tried these on several dozen dancers and they overwhelmingly found that these run about true to size (if you are a half size you will most likely go up to the next size - 6.5 wears a 7, 7.5 wears an 8, etc.). See our inside measurements below. Because they are Open Toe, Buckled and tie in the front with Laces means these will fit most women with normal, narrow OR wide feet.

WIDE FEET: Don't worry, these almost never fit too tight on wide feet. Just loosen the laces.

NARROW FEET: Same thing, these fit beautifully on narrow feet. Just tighten the laces and cinch down the buckle on the back. The heel is 2 1/4" and the platform is 1/2" (making the heel feel like it's only 1 3/4"). The toe hole is less than 1/2" across (purposely small enough that your toes won't stick through and get kicked by bad dancers!).

FOOTBED (inside) MEASUREMENTS: Measurements are approximate. NOTE: We only include these measurements because so many people call and ask for the dimensions. Measuring shoes is NOT the way to figure out the correct size. size length width fits 5 8 7/8" 3 1/8" U.S. 4.5-5 6 9 1/4" 3 5/16" U.S. 5.5-6 7 9 1/2" 3 3/8" U.S. 6.5-7 8 9 3/4" 3 1/2" U.S. 7.5-8 9 10 1/4" 3 9/16" U.S. 8.5-9 10 10 1/2" 3 11/16" U.S. 9.5-10 11 11 1/8" 3 7/8" U.S. 10.5-11 Friendly Warning: - DO NOT MEASURE YOUR FEET - measure a pair of similar open toed shoes that fit you if you want to use the above dimensions. If you are worried about fit, feel free to order two pairs and send the one that doesn't fit back!

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