Frequent Flyer Program

Frequent Flyer Program

The Aris Allen Frequent Flyer Program!

Thanks so much for helping us promote Aris Allen Swing Dance Footwear! We are a Swing Dancer owned business and all our styles are created by and for Lindy Hoppers.

Our Frequent Flyer Program gives you something back when you help us by leaving our coupons on the flyer table at events, venues and dance classes.


1. You put our flyers out at dances you attend.

2. Every time somebody uses your coupon code: THEY get $5 off and YOU get $5 credit on

3. When you want to redeem your credit just call us at 410-990-0005 and place an order or ask for gift certificates if you want to give them away or raffle them off at your venue, dance weekend, contest, etc.

From the Aris Allen Team