Aris Allen Women’s White Classic Canvas Dance Sneaker

$ 29.95

  • These are an ultra-cute dance shoe version of classic sports sneakers of the last century and have a suede-bottom sole.
  • Friendly warning: Some of these White Classic Canvas Dance Sneakers have a cosmetic manufacturing defect. There is a chance that you will receive shoes that have cream or light yellow spots. This is due to the glue that is used during the manufacturing process. You may get lucky and receive a perfect pair, but we felt that it was only fair to warn you of this possibility, and to give you a few dollars off! :)
  • IMPORTANT - please note: If you're a longstanding customer you'll know that we're always very honest about our shoes. There is a small problem with these (note the nice price to apologize!). These come in both black and white - but the two different colors might not fit the same on you! The black ones are lined with soft foam - and the white ones aren't (long story). So the white ones are roomier than the black - and the black ones are more comfortable, but fit tighter. PLEASE click the “Sizing” tab below for much more detail before you decide what size to buy.
  • Made with flexible suede-bottom soles and a thick foam footbed - these are perfect for dancers of all skill levels.
  • Aris Allen is known for making vintage style swing dance shoes and reproduction models that are more authentic equipment for dancing swing than ordinary ballroom shoes are. Their philosophy being that your dancing will look more authentic if you wear the same style of shoes the inventors of the dance were wearing.
  • Please check the sizing recommendations before placing your order.
  • Item #: 8209-WH


  • Now you can dance in sneakers without the knee-injuring potential that spinning on rubber soles carries.
  • The footbed is removable so you can add your own or wear them with orthotics.

(Our returns show we are right about 90% of the time)

Sorry about this weird sizing but these are SOOOO CUTE we hope you'll forgive us. All of our test dancers have been completely enthusiastic about the fit and feel of these and don't seem to care that they have to think extra hard to figure out which size to order :) 

Because this color is unlined and the removable insole is a bit too thick:
Our test group said that these IN WHITE fit pretty much true to size - so if you fit in between two sizes, it's best to go with the larger of the two sizes (so if you normally wear a 7, but sometimes a 6.5; you will most likely fit the 7 best). Also, in our opinion, the insoles that come with the shoes are too thick (Ha! Normally not a bad thing!) - so you may want to swap them out with thinner ones for a better fit.

Because this color is lined with soft foam and the removable insole is a bit too thick:
Our test group said that these IN BLACK fit one half size too small - so if you normally wear an 8, you'll most likely want to purchase an 8.5. If you normally wear an 8, but sometimes can fit into a 7.5 you'll still probably want to go up a half size to a 8.5. Also because of the lining you might not be happy if you have very wide feet. Also, in our opinion, the insoles that come with the shoes are too thick (Ha! Normally not a bad thing!) - so you may want to swap them out with thinner ones for a better fit.


  • These are made with suede soles which are wonderful to dance on but require occasional upkeep (it's usually a problem with catching the edge on a piece of hardwood that is sticking up on the dance floor).
  • If you need to re-glue the suede many people just use crazy glue gel. We have also found that commercially produced shoe repair glue (available from the shoe repair shop in your local mall) works great.
  • You're not supposed to wear suede soles outside - but every swing dancer knows that you can make suede soles faster by wearing them everywhere to get them dirty, then dance in them until they're shiny on the bottom.
  • If you prefer them less zippy you can dull the “mirror finish” they can get by roughing them up with a wire brush periodically. Just remember that when they are wet from walking in the rain they won't spin as easily (conversely - if they're too slippery just spill your drink on the floor and step in it!).

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