Kevin and Carla Lindy Hop Charleston Challenge DVD

$ 49.95

  • Kevin and Carla DVD - Lindy Hop Charleston Challenge
  • Ready to add some spice, energy and fun into your Lindy Hop & Swing Dancing?
  • Item #: DVD-CH1

Here is a sample of some of the ideas that can be found inside:

  • Solo Charleston & Styling
  • Jazz Routine (*Choreography by Carla Heiney)
  • 1920's Partnered / Face to Face Charleston
  • Variations in Face-to-Face Charleston
  • Variations in Side-by-Side Charleston
  • Tandem / Shadow Charleston
  • Transitions from Side-by-Side to Shadow
  • Pop-turn to Hand-to-Hand
  • Hacksaws with variations
  • Partnered Jump Charleston
  • And a few of Kevin & Carla's Favorites

Bonus material and social dance demos

Two Disc DVD Set. Disc 1 Runtime: 1 hour 15 minutes. Disc 2 Runtime: 1 hour 5 minutes.

Are you just getting started in the world of Swing Dancing?

Are you an experienced dancer ready to add a whole new level of difficulty to your Charleston steps? Well, we have just the Challenge for you!

In this video you will receive easy to follow, detailed instruction on an assortment of Charleston movements. Beginner, intermediate, & advanced dancers can all benefit and learn from watching & following along with these DVDs.

These videos can help experienced dancers add finesse to their dancing & can teach raw beginners the essentials of Charleston. Inside you will be given a taste of the many different elements in the World of Charleston.

The moves are dynamic, fun, & broken down into easily digestible pieces. Most importantly, you will receive key ingredients on how to lead & follow the material presented by your instructors. Kevin & Carla hope you enjoy this fairly comprehensive Charleston video.

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