Tom and Debra DVD - Lindy Hop Essentials

$ 19.95

  • Tom & Debra DVD - Jitterbug & Lindy Essentials
  • Absolute Beginner Level Jitterbug and Lindy Hop
  • Item #: DVD-TD-1

In this DVD they cover:

  • Basic 6 count Footwork
  • Basic Closed Position
  • Underarm Turn
  • Transition to Side-by-Side Position
  • Jockey
  • Send-Out
  • Basic Eight-Count Footwork
  • Lindy Whip
  • Lindy Circle
  • Charleston
  • Side by Side Charleston
  • Half-Turn Charleston
  • Transition to Back Charleston
  • Back Charleston
  • Underarm Turn from Back Charleston

...and the best thing on the DVD (in our humble opinion) - ADDED BONUS FOOTAGE: the "Do as we say, not as we do" performance video where you learn that Tom cannot memorize choreography (this DVD is worth the cost for this footage alone!)

A must for the beginner, learn with the team that keeps Washington, DC in stitches. This is a great video for anyone needing to learn Lindy from the ground up!

Tom and Debra's careful dissection of each of the basic moves make this possibly the best tape for the beginner. Each move is taught from a variety of angles (yes! they even teach with their backs to the camera.... Hey - stop looking at Tom's butt!).

This is the DVD that we recommend for total beginners... or anyone who wasn't paying attention in class and needs to actually learn how to dance this time around! And as a bonus - at least once per step they'll come out with a joke that'll make you howl.

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