Todd and Nina Fascinating Rhythm Swing DVD

$ 39.95

  • Todd & Nina DVD - The Fascinating Rhythm: Fancy Footwork Featuring Todd & Nina
  • Suitable for all skill levels.
  • Item #: DVD-TN-FF

In this DVD they cover:

  • The Mash
  • Double Bart Slide
  • Nina's Inside Turn
  • Flying Lindy
  • Dean's Super Slide
  • Triplets of Ninavilla
  • Tap Swing Out
  • Toddy's Bear S/O
  • Nina's Side Pass
  • Thrust Slide
  • Nina's Circle Slide
  • Rhythm Charleston
  • Swivel Charleston
  • Nasty Knee Slap
  • The Kick Away

Runtime: approx. 58 minutes

Todd Yannacone and Nina Gilkenson enjoy long walks on the beach, mojitos, and teach you how to swing dance!

In this DVD, join these champion swing dancers as they teach you various footwork stylings and syncopations right from the comfort of your own home.

Material covered is all based upon basic 6 and 8 count movements, yet still challenging enough to warrant practice.

Todd and Nina are world-traveling dance instructors who specialize in swing era dances and vernacular jazz.

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