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The 1946 Hepcat's Jive Talk Dictionary 

One of the neatest pieces in the Aris Allen Shoeseum (closed in 2016 - sorry) is the 1946 Hepcat's Jive Talk Dictionary. We've typed it up so all you "cool cats" can "bone up" on your hep talk.

This is totally truncated to include only words and phrases that pertain to music, dancing, being sociable, or things that were particularly interesting. As you can imagine a 1946 dictionary would contain some terms we'd find completely offensive today!

So grab your straps, slap some waders on your stems and let's go table topping with your Chicken A La King. Later let's meet up with some other gaters and crash the track. I hear the band has a solid sender on the woodpile and a midnight snack who can really hit the Armstrongs.

Our favorites?

Gater, Homey, Mushroom, Pancakes, Bluff cuffs with the solid sender, Chicken a la king, Creakin' gates, Desk piano, Lay iron, Let's squirm worm, Violin Cases, (extra credit if you know why a "Don Ameche" is a Telephone).

Hepcats Jive Talk Dictionary

Airbags: (n) Lungs
alligator: (n) A Jitterbug
Alreet: (adv) Absolutely okay
Apron: (n) Counter-man or bartender
Aquarium: (n) Domicile
Armstrongs: (n) High register musical notes

Banter:(n) Pretty young girl
Barbecue: (n) Beautiful girl
Barkers: (n. pl.) Pair of shoes
Barrelhouse: (adj) Loud music or unrestrained
Benders: (n. pl.) Knees, elbows, arms
Benny: (n) An overcoat
Birdwood: (n) A cigarette
Blinkers: (n. pl.) Eyes
Blip: (n) Five cent coin
Bonfire: (n) A cigarette stub
Boogieman: (n) A jiving male
Booper: (n) Singer of popular songs
Bounce: (n) A jumpy rhythm
Brawtus: (n) Good measure
Break: (n) Pause in music
Bree: (n) Girl friend
Brighty: (adj) Very intelligent
Brush: (n) Mustache
B.T.O.: (n) Big time operator
Buffalo: (n) Five cents
Bug: (n) A problem
Bullets: (n) Beans
Bump: (v) To kill
Bushed : (adj) Exhausted
Butter: (n) Insincerity
Butterfly: (n) Pretty girl
Buzz: (v) To kiss
Buzzsaw: (n) Gossiper

Cabbage: (n) Money
Canary: (n) Girl vocalist
Cap: (v) To out do one's self
Cat: (n) Jive musicians
Cattle: (n. pl.) Girls
Cave: (n) House
Cello: (n) Basso singer
Chew: (v) To talk
Chick: (n) Young girl
Chime: (n) The time
Chimney: (n) Top hat
Chippie: (n) Glamour girl
Chirp: (n) Girl vocalist
Choker: (n) A tie or collar
Clambake: (n) Jive session
Clocker: (n) The heart
Cogs:(n. pl.) Sun glasses
Collar: (v) To catch on
College: (n) Jail
Collegiate: (v) To play extreme tempo
Colts: (n. pl.) Youths
Comer: (v) Person making the grade
Cooch: (n) Muscle dancer
Cooler: (n) Jail cell
Cop: (v) To get
Copasetic: See Kapasetic
Corn: (n) Dates, entertainment or money
Crash: (v) To attend without an invitation
Crate: (n) An old dilapidated vehicle
Crix: (n. pl.) Critics
Cubby: (n) Small room
Cubes: (n. pl.) Dice
Cuff: (adv) Free
Curtains: (n) The end
Curve: (n) To disappoint
Cut: (v) To stop operation
Cuter: (n) Twenty-five cent piece

Dance: (v) To die by hanging
Dead: (adj) Empty
Deece: (n) Dime
Deuce: (n) Two-dollar bill
Dicer: (n) Hat
Dig: (v) To think hard or understand
Digger: (n) Solid sender
Dog: (n) Mediocre song or proposition
Doghouse: (n) The bass violin
Dome: (n) Your head
Doss: (v) To sleep
Dotmaker: (n) Musical arranger
Dotty: (adj) Insane
Drape: (n) Suit
Dreambox: (n) Your head
Dreamers: (n. pl.) Bedsheets
Dribble: (v) To stutter or talk without coherence
Drink: (n) A body of water
Drip: (n) An undesirable person
Drumsticks: (n. pl.) Attractive legs
Drown: (adv) Through
Duchess: (n) The girl friend
Ducks: (n. pl.) Admission tickets
Dust: (v) To leave

Easy: (adj) Financially secure
Enamel: (n) Teeth or skin
Exodust: (v) To flee
Expense: (n) A baby
Eye: (n) Detective

Fake: (n) Musician who cannot read
Fall: (v) To be convicted
Fanny: (n) Rear end
Faust: (n) Blind date
Feelers: (n. pl.) Your fingers
Filly: (n) Young female
Fin: (n) Five (usually refers to money)
Finagle: (v) To manipulate, advantageously
Flat: (n) An uninteresting person
Flickers: (n. pl.) Motion pictures
Flippers: (n. pl.) Your ears
Flopperoo: (n) A failure
Frame: (n) Your body
Frantic: (n) Excellent
Freeby: (adv) No charge
Fried: (adj) Drunk
Frogskin: (n) $1 bill
Front: (n) Your appearance
Fruit: (v) To run around
Fry: (v) To mechanically straighten kinky hair

Gage: (n) Intoxicating liquor
Gammin: (v) To strut
Gams: (n. pl.) Legs
Gander: (v) To examine
Gasper: (n) Cigarette
Gate: (n) Youth
Gatemouth: (n) A gossip
Gater: (n) Addict of swing
Gazer: (n) Good-looking widow
G.B.: (inter) Good-bye
Gims: (n. pl.) Eyes
Glapad: (n) Night club
Glims: (n. pl.) Lights
Goat: (n) New club member
Goola: (n) A piano
Grabbers: (n. pl.) Your hands
Graduate: (v) To end one's prison term
Grandstand: (v) To show off
Grapevine: (n) Gossip
Grass: (n) Crew hair cut
Gravel: (n) Gossip
Gravy: (n) Excess
Grease: (n) Butter
Groan: (n) Bass viol.
Groaner: (n) Sentimental singer of songs
Groovey: (adj) Superlative
Groundpads: (n. pl.) Feet
Growl: (v) To play the trumpet
Gutbox: (n) A piano
Gutbucket: (n) Lowdown blues or joint

Hack: (v) To write inferior material
Hambone: (n) A trombone
Handcuffed: (adj) Married
Handle: (n) Large proboscis
Happify: (v) To make happy
Hard: (n) One with excellent taste
Hardware: (n) Flashy jewelry
Headache: (n) The wife
Headlights: (n) Substantial diamonds
Heater: (n) A big cigar
Heeled: (adj) Of substantial means
Hep: (n) One who has been smartened up
Herd: (n) Pack of Camel cigarettes
Hideaways: (n. pl.) Your pockets
Hides: (n. pl.) The drums
Highjack: (v) To steal another man's girl
Hightail: (v) To leave hurriedly
Hinges: (n. pl.) Your elbows
Hocks: (n. pl.) The feet
Homey: (n) Someone from your home town
Hood: (n) A thief
Hooks: (n. pl.) Your fingers
Hoop: (n) A ring
Hoopla: (n) A confidence game
Hop: (n) A big dance
Horn: (n) The nose
Hot: (adj) Playing music in a torrid manner
Howler: (n) Torch singer
Humdinger: (adj) One with class or ability
Hummer: (n) One who gets there
Hunk: (n) Stalwart male
Husk: (v) To undress
Hustler: (n) Would-be playboy or woman
Hype: (v) To try a trick

Iceberg: (n) Unemotional woman
Icky: (adj) Conservative person
Idiot: (n) Educated moron
In : (n) An introduction
Index: (n) The face
Insider: (n) A pocket
Ivories: (n. pl.) Dice or piano keys

Jackson: (n) Form of salutation
Jam: (v) To improvise in jazz band
Jeff: (n) A boring individual
Jelly: (adv) On the cuff
Jillion: (n) A lot of people or money
Jit: (n) Five cents
Jitterbug: (n) Swing music fan
Jitterdoll: (n) Female jitterbug
Jive: (n) Form of American slang
Jiver: (n) Hepcat who knows the ropes
Jug: (n) Bottle of liquor
Juice: (n) Intoxicating beverage
Jump: (n) Jiving to swing music

Kicks: (n. pl.) Pair of shoes
Kill: (v) To fascinate
Killer: (n) Hair grease
Knob: (n) A homely face
Knock: (v) To let one have it
Kong: (n) Inferior drink
Kopasetic: (adj) Everything's fine

Lamb: (n) A pushover
Lamp: (v) To take a good look
Lamps: (n. pl.) Your eyes
Latch: (v) To take or hold
Leaky: (n) One who talks too much
Legit: (n) The real thing
Lemon: (n) An inferior performance or thing
Lick: (n) A rhythm change in swing music
Lift: (v) To plagiarize or thrill
Lincoln: (n) Five-dollar bill
Line: (n) A system
Lugs: (n) Big ears

Mace: (n) A blackjack
Mad: (n) Very capable person
Maestro: (n) Orchestra leader
Make: (v) To win the affections of the opposite sex
Map: (n) Your face
Mellow: (adj) Superlative
Messy: (adv) Extraordinary
Meter: (n) Twenty-five cent piece
Mezz: (n) Perfection
Midway: (n) Large hall
Mikes: (n) Your ears
Mocky: (n) Silly laugh
Moist: (n) Ocean or lake
Moocher: (n) A sponger
Moola: (n) Money
Mop: (n) The finale
Moss: (n) You hair
Mouse: (n) A pocket
Mud: (n) Coffee or homely person
Murder: (v) To reach perfection
Mushroom: (n) Place where people spoon

Name: (n) Most popular band at the moment
Natch: (adj) Naturally
Needle: (n) Soft drink
Nod: (n) One night
Nodbox: (n) Bedroom
Noggin: (n) The head
Number: (n) A person
Nurse: (n) Stingy person

Oats: (n) Enthusiasm
Oil: (n) Form of flattery
Oiled: (adj) Drunk or intoxicated
Orchestration: (n) A topcoat or benny

Package: (n) A girl
Pad: (n) Bed, apartment or night club
Paddlers: (n) Your hands
Pail: (n) Your stomach
Pan: (v) To belittle
Pancakes: (n) Victrola records
Panic: (v) To thrill
Paws: (n) Your hands
Pecking: (n) Type of dance
Peckings: (n) Type of food
Pegs: (n) Your trousers
Percolate: (adv) Doing fine
Percolate: (v) To meander
Phiz: (n) Your face
Piccolo: (n) Juke box
Pickers: (n. pl.) Your fingers
Pidgeon: (n) Young pretty girl
Pies: (n. pl.) Your eyes
Pillars: (n) Your legs
Pinchers: (n. pl.) Tight pair of shoes
Pistols: (n. pl.) Trousers of a zoot suit
Plates: (n. pl.) Your feet
Platter: (n) A musical record
Platters: (n. pl.) Big feet
Play: (n) A situation
Plug: (v) To advertise
Plunger: (n) The bathtub
Plungeroo: (n) Pin-ball addict
Poke: (n) Large sum of money or place where it is kept
Pooped: (adv) Exhuasted
Portrait: (n) Your face
Pretzel: (n) French horn
Pulleys: (n) Pair of suspenders
Pump: (n) The heart
Puss: (n) Your face

Rag: (v) To play in syncopation
Rank: (v) To criticize
Razzberry: (n) Ridicule
Razzmatazz: (n) Super-ridicule
Ready: (adv) Acting in perfect rhythm
Riff: (n) Hot musical expression
Righteous: (adj) Perfect
Roundheel: (n) A pushover
Ruff: (n) A quarter
Rugcutter: (n) Jive dancer
Rugged: (n) Wonderful

Sails: (n. pl.) Ears
Salty: (adj) Rough
Sawbuck: (n) $10 bill
Schmaltz: (n) Sweet and low or sentimental
Schnozz: (n) The nose
Scratch: (n) Folding money
Scuffler: (n) Dancer or hard worker
Send: (v) To arouse the emotions
Sharp: (adj) One of smart appearance
Sheet: (n) Newspaper
Shin: (n) Razor
Shiv: (n) A sharp weapon, usually a knife
Shutters: (n) Your eye-lids
Sing: (v) To confess
Skate: (v) To get away with something
Smacker: (n) One dollar
Smackeroo: (n) A kiss
Snags: (n) Tonsils
Snapper: (n) A match
Snazzy: (adj) Stylish
Sneezer: (n) Your nose
Sniffer: (n) Handkerchief
Snifter: (n) Drunkard or coke-eater
Snipe: (n) Cigarette stub
Snitcher: (n) Tattletale newspaper columnist
Snort: (n) Drink of liquor
Snuffer: (n) Your nose
Solid: (adj) Peak of perfection
Spark: (n) Rare diamond
Spiel: (n) A speech
Splash: (v) To swim
Split: (v) To confess
Spotters: (n) Your eyes
Spouting: (v) To talk verbosely
Square: (n) A hard-working unromantic person
Squat: (v) To take a seat
Squatpad: (n) Padded stool
Squatter: (n) A chair
Squawkies: (n. pl.) Sound motion pictures
Squeezer: (n) A tight belt
Stash: (v) To stand up or pile
Static: (adj) Quarreling
Stealers: (n) Your fingers
Stems: (n) Legs
Stewie: (n) Drunkard
Stilts: (n) Your legs
S.T.O.: (n) Small time operator
Stompers: (n. pl.) Pair of shoes
Stool: (n) A squealer
Storkey: (adj) Tall and scrawny
Straps: (n) Pair of suspenders
Stretch: (n) A city block or term in jail
Stretcher: (n) Your neck
Striders: (n) Pair of trousers
Striding: (n) Playing number of piano bass keys
Stroll: (n) Street or road
Struggle: (v) To dance
Stud: (n) The male species
Stumble: (v) To get into a bad predicament
Stumps: (n) Your legs
Suds: (n. pl.) Beaucoup money
Swellelegant: (adj) Wonderful

Tailormade: (n) A cigarette
Tears: (n) Pearl necklace
Ten: (n) The toes
Thinkbox: (n) Your brain
Thinkpad: (n) Your head
Threads: (n) Your wardrobe
Ticker: (n) Your heart
Tickeration: (n) Strutting exhibition
Timbers: (n. pl.) Toothpicks
Tin: (n) Small exchange
Tinkler: (n) The doorbell
Tool: (v) To travel leisurely
Toothpick: (n) Sharp knife
Topper: (n) High hat
Torch: (n) Unrequited love
Track: (n) Hall for dancing
Treaders: (n. pl.) Boots
Trill: (v) To leave
Trout: (n) Girl
Truck: (v) To go or dance
Trucking: (n) The name of a dance
Tub: (n) Drum
Tumble: (v) To dance
Twosome: (n) Lovers

Unleash: (v) To hand
Uprights: (n) The legs
Upstairs: (n) Blue sky

V: (n) Five-year sentence
Vaseline: (n) Butter
Vine: (n) Suit of clothing
Vocalovely: (n) Pretty girl singer

Waders: (n. pl.) Pair of shoes
Washer: (n) Cafe
Weeper: (n) Beggar or mourner
Welder: (adj) Married
Wham: (inter) Great
Whip: (v) To tell
Wigglers: (n. pl.) Fingers
Windbags: (n. pl.) The lungs
Wolf: (n) A male who stalks women
Wolverine: (n) A female who stalks men
Woodchopper: (n) Xylophonist
Woodpile: (n) Xylophone
Works: (n) Everything

Yak: (n) Hearty laugh
Yam: (v) To dine
Yank: (n) A dentist
Yard: (n) $100 bill

Zombie: (n) Slow-witted person
Zowie: (inter) Exclamation of approval


Able grable - Well-built girl
Accenting the off beat - Stressing the 2nd & 4th beats
Action on traction - Prepared to proceed
Advance the spark - Get ready
Ain't comin' on that tab - Don't count on me
Alan laddy - Male sex appeal
All hung up - Completely bewildered
Alley cat - Street corner loafer
Angel cake - Perfect femininity
Axle grease - Butter

Baby kisser - Politician
Balloon room - Smoke room
Ball chain - The wife
Battery acid - Coffee
Beat it out - Play it hot
Beat my own skin - Applauding
Beat the rocks - Pounding the pavement
Beatin' boogie – Playing jive rhythm
Beatin' chops – Talking too much
Beatin' the skins – Striking the drums
Beau boy – The boy friend
Beggin' for chop – Pleading for rhythm
Big bruiser – Handsome male
Big talk – Boasting
Big time operator – Boy friend
Blot out – Eliminate
Blow in – Spending freely
Blow your top – To grow excited
Blow your wig – Uncontrollably excited
Bluff cuffs with the solid sender – A Zoot suit
B.O. - Offensive body odor
Bobby socks – Teen-agers (female)
Body snatcher – A male wolf
Boiled owl – Intoxicated person
Boiler plate – Formal attire
Bone orchard – Sad music hall
Booby trap – Girl with marriage intentions
Boogie woogie – Barrel house rhythm (8 to the bar)
Boot me – Introduce me
Boots on – Prepared
Bottle neck - Petting in the park
Boulevard cowboy - Wild driver
Boy beautiful - Glib talker
Boy scout - An immature adult
Brace o' broads - Shoulders
Brace o' hookers - Arms
Bread basket - Stomach
Break it up - Stop the performance
Bronx cheer - Disapproving lip noise
Brother act - False friend
Brush msuh - Mustache
Bubble dancing - Dishwashing
Buffalo heads - Nickels
Builder upper - Publicity man
Bull fiddle - The bass viol.
Bull horn - The tuba
Bull pen - Crowded sleeping quarters (usually in a jail)
Bull session - A male gabfest
Bull's wool - Stolen goods
Bumpin' your gums - Talking too much
Bunch of fives - Your fists
Bundle from heaven - Baby or laundry
Bust your conk - Do the best you can
Bust loose - Eliminating inhibitions
Button up your lip - Don't talk
Buzz saw - Gossiper

Call off all bets - To die
Cart wheel - Silver dollar
Cash in checks - Dying
Castor oiler - Doctor
Cat eyes - Three on a pair of dice
Cat's meow - Singing male
Cat's not in - Out of uniform
Cat that cracks the whip - A playboy
Cattle train - A large automobile
C note - $100 bill
Chair warmer - Lazy musician
Chamber of commerce - Men's room
Chicks that play hard - Party girls
Chicken a la king - Your number one girl
Chimer bell - Your heart
Chit chatter - Idle chatter
Cinderella tale - A success story
Clip artist - Confidence man
Clip joint - Night club that overcharges
Coffee bags - Trouser pockets
Coffin Nails - Cigarettes
Coffin varnish - Bad liquor
Coke frame - Attractive body build
Cold cut - Uninteresting person
Cold meat - Corpse
Cold meat party - Funeral
Collar a broom - Leave in haste
Come again - Repeat
Come to school - To agree with
Cookie pusher - Counter man
Cooking on the front burner - Tops
Cooking with gas - Doing very well
Cop a squat - To sit down
Copper nose - Chronic drinker
Corn fed - Amateur musician
Cough up - To pay on demand
Cow express - Shoes
Crab your act - Interfere with your presentation
Creakin' gates - Mediocre orchestra
Creep joint - Poorly furnished room
Crumb hall - Dining room
Cuddle bunny - Lovable gal
Cut out - Getting away early
Cute package - Cute gal

Dance hall - Execution chamber
Dating duet - Always together
Dead pan - Fixed expression
Dead pigeon - Uninteresting companion
Dead president - Paper money
Deep six - The grave
Deep sugar - Honeyed words
Desk piano - Typewriter
Deuce of haircuts - Two weeks
Deuce of peepers - The eyes
Deuce of squares - Two pseudo Hepcats
Deuce of ticks - Two minutes
Dig it - To understand
Diggin' the discs - Dancing to hot records
Dime note - Ten-dollar bill
Disc jockey - Victrola record (program) player
Dish delish - Pretty gal
Do a bunk - Run away
Do a garbo - Remain aloof
Dog face - Homely person
Don Ameche - Telephone
Double in brass - Playing two characters in a show
Double sawbuck - Twenty dollars or twenty-year jail sentence
Douse the glim - Put out the light
Drag a date - Taking your sweetheart to a dance
Drag a weed - To puff a cigarette
Drape shape - Enviable build
Dried barker - Fur-piece
Dry goods - Clothing
Dust bin - The grave

Eager beaver - Willing fellow
Early black - Early evening
Early bright - Early morning
Eighty eight - Piano
Embalming fluid - Bad liquor
Eye opener - Beautiful girl

Face lace - Whiskers
Fag hag - Girl chain smoker
False alarm - Divorced man or woman
Few tickers - A few moments
Final trill - Dying
Fine dinner - Very pretty girl
Fine fryer - Young pretty girl
Fire eater - Quarrelsome person
Fire extinguisher - Chaperone
First 30 - Month of January
Fish hooks - Your fingers
Five spot - $5 bill
Flag spot - Bus stop
Flip the grip - Shake hands
Fluff fluff - A cute girl
Fly chick - A hep chick
Fly swatter - A brush
Flyer with a roof higher - Western hat
Fourth of July - Gun fight
Free lunch - Easy going
Freeze on to - To take possession of
Fresh water - Good looking
Frisking the whiskers - Tuning up for a swing session
Frolic pad - High class cafe
Front yard - A stick pin

Gabble gather - A hen party
Gam case - Hosiery
Gangbuster in a two way stretch - Mother-in-law
Gas house - Saloon or tavern
Gas pipe - Trombone
Get in there - To start
Get outside of - Eating or drinking
Give it a whirl - Trying something for the first time
Glad eye - Flirting
Go up salt river - To die
Gotta glim for a bim - An eye
Go up - Top floor apartment
Got your boots on - Hep to the jive
Gone gosling - Hopeless person
Good deal - Wholesome girl
Good joe - Popular guy
Goon bait - Jerky female
Grab the ozone - Please go
Grape cat - Wine drinker
Graveyard stew - Milk toast
Grease the guggle - To eat
Grease the skids - Getting rid of someone
Great shakes - Important
Green stuff - Folding money
Groan box - Bass fiddle
Gruesome twosome - Engaged couple
Grunt horn - Tuba
Guy goony - Man crazy
Guzzlin' foam - Drinkin' beer

Hag bag - A chick with no personality
Half a stretch - Half a block away
Hard hitting - Smart looking
Hard playing chick - Loose girl
Hard skull fry - A new haircut
Harlem toothpick - Keen knife
Having a ball - Having a hectic time
Head chick - Your sweetheart
Heated hell - The worst
Heavy heart - The boy frined
Heavy heat stretch - Hot summer
Heavy lard - Sad story
Hepcat - One who knows what it's all about
Hep gee - One in the know
Hep to - Well informed
Hi de ho - Exclamation of joy
Hide beater - The drummer
High powered - Good looking
High stepper - Man who lives above his means
Hip chick - Smart female
Hi, sugar, are you rationed? - Are you escorted?
Hit it off - Agreeing
Honey chile - An alreet gal
Hoopla spreader - Promoter
Horse around - To fool around
Horse opera - Western motion pictures
Hot licks - Fast musical tempo
Hot piano - Jive piano playing
Hotsy totsy - Under control
House without chairs - Dance hall

Ice cold kate - Unresponsive girl
Ice palace - Smart jewelry store
Icky vicki - Stupid gal
Idea pot - The head
In and outer - Door
In hock - Being in prison
In the doghouse - Out of favor
In the groove - Perfect timing
In there - Superlative performance
Iron horn - Cornet

Jail bait - Young girl
Jam session - Dance, improvised music
Jenny lind - Girl singer
Jerk of all trades - Inconsequential person
Jesse james killer - Heavy hair pomade
Jibber jabber - Senseless talk
Jingle jangle - Silver coins
Jive cutter - Modern dancer
Jive floor - Where the hepcats hop
Jive jargon - Language of the hepcats
Joe blow - Musician who swings
Joint's jumping - Everybody's having fun
Jumped in port - Just arrived
Jumpin Jack - Boy dancer
Jumpin Jill - Girl dancer
Jumping with joy juice - Intoxicated
Junior jerk - Stupid teen-ager

Khaki wacky - Girl who goes for men in uniform
Kick in - Pay up
Kill me - Thrill me
Kill joy - Policemen
Killer diller - Thrilling
King size - Pleasantly big
Kink in the konk - Headache
Kiss off - To die
Kitchen scrap - Hash
Knock a nod - To doze off
Knock me a kiss - Won't you give me a kiss?
Knockin the keys - Playing hot piano

Lap happy - Girl who likes the boys
Last out - Dying
Last shout - Latest fashion
Last waltz - Last walk to the death chamber
Lay down the cow - Put your shoes away
Laughing soup - Liquor
Lay iron - Tap dance
Lead pipe - Unpopular
Lead sheet - An overcoat
Left raise - Your left side
Let's mop - Let's dance
Let's squirm worm - Let's dance honey
Licking the chops - Jivecats warming up
Licorice stick - Clarinet
Lightening and thunder - Whiskey and soda
Lily whites - Clean bedsheets
Line the flute - Time to eat
Lip splitter - Musician who plays a wind instrument
Little tub - Small drum
Lob around - Hang around
Long duster - Your favorite cigarette
Long hair - Symphony musician
Long white roll - Ready-made cigarette
Long with links - An elaborate key chain
Loose as a goose - Tightwad
Love letter - Criticism or a stone
Low down - Sweet melancholy music
Low quarters - Sport shoes
Luscious mushin' - Delightful love making
Lush head - Chronic drinker
Lush stash - Cheap cafe

Main drag - Main street
Main kick - A stage
Main queen - Your favorite girl friend
Make tracks - Hurry home
Male robbery - To steal another's sweetheart
Man on the hitch - Your husband
Man size - Difficult
Marble town - A graveyard
Mash me a fin - Lone me five
Meat hocks - The hands
Mellow fellow - A satisfactory person
Mellow mouse - Attractive female
Mellow roof - Your head
Meter in my mouse - Quarter in my pocket
Middle aisled - Married
Midnight snack - Small pretty girl
Mister speaker - Gun
Mitt flopper - Hand shaker
Mitt pounding - Applauding
Mittens off - Unrestrained
Moo juice - Milk
Mow the lawn - Combing the hair
Mud opera - Carnival
Mumps with the bumps - Sweater girl
Muscle bound - Big stupid person
Mystery food - Hash

Neatly stacked - Perfect figure
Neck happy - Cooperative at romancing
Neighbo pops - That's out brother
New double six - New Years
Nickle nurser - Tightwad
Nix out - To erase
No go - Not interested
Nose paint - Liquor
Number one on your hep parade - Favorite girl friend

Off beat cymbal - Sock cymbal
Offtime jive - Talking out of turn
Office piano - Typewriter
Old saw - Former beau
Old smokey - Electric chair
On the ball - Up to the minute
On the beach - Being unemployed
On the beam - Hitting on high
On the buttered side - A hep chick
On the hoof - An easy pick-up
Out of this world - Superlative

Pair of pipes - The singing voice
Paper doll - Leave hurriedly
Paper men - Drummers who read music
Peeling a green banana - Romancing a young girl
Playing high hat - Tapping cymbals with the foot pedals
Plays a hot piano - Jive piano player
Pots and pans - Drums
Potato masher - Drumstick
Pot lids - The cymbals
Prayer dukes - The knees
Pretzel bender - French horn player
Puddle hopper - Old jalopy
Pussy with a fluid drive - Skunk
Putty blower - Trombone

Racket jacket - Zoot suit
Rafters are rockin' - Unrestrained exuberance
Rag out - Dressed in latest fashion
Rah rah drapes - Collegiate clothing
Rat hole - Trousers pocket
Red eye - Catsup
Red ink - Italian wine
Ride tune - Rhythm song
Riffs and rills - Great expectations
Righteous riff - Interesting conversation
Rink rat - Skating rink enthusiast
Rock candy - Expensive diamonds
Rock crusher - Accordion
Rock me - Get me in the mood
Rubber heel - A disagreeable person
Rug cutter - An excellent dancer

Sad Sal - Old fashioned
Sadder than John J. Anthony - Sick
Sam got you - Joining the Army or Navy
Scratch crib - Cheap lodging
Second front - Girdle
Send me - Bring me ecstasy
Singing school - Place where the third degree is administered
Sizzling platter - Hot music record
Skin beater - A drummer
Slick chick - Everything desirable
Slip horn - Trombone
Slip stick - Clarinet
Snazzy chassis - Well built
Snootie cutie - Hard-to-get girl
Sock frock - Your best outfit
Soft top - A bar stool
Solid sender - Great performer
Solid square - An alright hick
Spin a wren - Dancing with a woman
Spring the traps - Playing the drums and gadgets
Squeak stick - Clarinet
Star dusting - In love
Steam fiddle - Calliope
Stem gazer - Admirer of female limbs
Stone crusher - A stomp
Strictly barbecued - Fashion-plate
Strictly military - Drummer using lot of unnecessary strokes
Strictly solid - An alreet fellow
Strictly stock - An ordinary girl
Sugar puss - Sweet face
Super drawers - Woolen underwear
Super duper - Something extra special
Swinging gate - Male dancer
Swing music - An improvised musical session
Swoon set - Bobby sox worshippers

Table topping - Making the night club rounds
Take a gander - Take a look
Take off - Musical solo
Tea fight - A party
Tear jerker - Song with pathos
Technicolor gal - Girl with too much make-up
The horn - The famous trumpeter
The voice - The famous crooner
They're a thing - Sweethearts
Togged to the bricks - Dressed in the latest fashion
Tonsil tickler - Singer
Torch song - Burning love ballad
Totem pole - Tall person
Town crier - Gossip spreader
Tricky icky - Smart aleck
Trig the wig - Think hard
Trim and slim - A neat little package
Twenty twenty - Excellent
Twister to the slammer - The key for the door

Uncanny Fanny - Smart girl
Unravel the gravel - Dish out gossip
Up for grabs - Easy to make gal

Vacuum cleaner - Your lungs
Violin Cases - Large shoes

Walk back - Rear apartment
Walking the plank - Falling in love
War paint - Cosmetics
Water works - Profuse tears
We the people - A wise guy
What's cookin? - What's doing
Wheel chair - A car
Whip it to me - Tell it to me
Whipped up - Worn out
Whips and jingle - Downcast
Whistle bait - Gal on the make
White one - Your shirt
Wind pumps - Your lungs
Woo woo - Exclamation of approval
Wrong riff - Speaking out of turn

Yeah, man - Agreeable
Y.M.C.A. - To deceive
You melt me Jackson - I'm thrilled
Young bantam - Young girl

Zoot suit - Hepcat's clothes