The Aris Allen Photo Contest

The Aris Allen Photo Contest

Yes! It's time for another Aris Allen Photo Contest! 

It's easy to enter! Just submit up to 10 photos of you or your friends showing off their stylish Aris Allens to:

Deadline for submissions:
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 by midnight Eastern U.S. time

The Aris Allen Photo Contest

What Happens Next?  

Our highly specialized team of Lindy Hopper Judges will determine the winner of each category! 

During the contest there is a good chance your photos will appear on our social media or on our sites. None of this will affect your chances of winning.

The Aris Allen Photo Contest

- Best Overall

- 2nd Best Overall

- Best Dancer Pose
- Most Vintage-Looking Photo
- Best Pinup/Swageriffic Photo
- AND 1 Randomly Selected Winner!

All winners of shoes will receive their prize codes by Friday, October 10th.

Receives a 20% Coupon Code good on or
Sent within 3 days after you email your entry) 

Aris Allen Photo Contest Rules

Just email up to 10 photos (with at least 1 person in each photo wearing Aris Allen shoes).

Please only enter photos that you own. Legally, when a photo is taken in public it implies that the people in them give their permission to be photographed - but, if people are clearly identifiable please ask their permission to use their photo (not talking about group shots - just the main subject of your photo). If they say no PLEASE do not enter them in our contest. Entering this contest implies that you give us permission to post your photos on our social media and websites. We really appreciate the opportunity to showcase your photography!!

The Aris Allen Photo Contest Rules

For a complete list of rules please see our Aris Allen Photo Contest Rules page. Please read them before you enter.